Tash Dakos - Clinical Psychology Service

Clinical psychology service. 
17 Hardie Ave, Summer Hill, NSW, Australia, 2130
Contact Person: Tash

Phone: 97983366
Mobile: 0402675033

Deciding to see a psychologist or other mental health professional can be daunting. It is difficult to acknowledge that you have a problem and being ready to talk about it can take some time. Many of us hesitate to talk about our private lives with a complete stranger. Most people that have seen a psychologist however report how beneficial it was to talk to someone who doesn't know them or have any expectations. Talking to family and friends can be comforting but it is hard for those who care about us to remain objective, recognise the seriousness or type of psychological problem we may have or the best way forward.

Whomever you decide to see it is firstly important to establish whether they are registered in their profession and what their qualifications equip them to do. Clinical Psychologists have two more years of study and supervision than psychologists. They are different from psychiatrists who have medical training and are able to prescribe medication.


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