Dunc Gray Velodrome & Handle Bar Tavern

"The home of international cycling." 
Velodrome, Carysfield Rd, Bass Hill, NSW, 2197
Contact Person: Adam

Phone: 02 9743 9889
Fax: 02 9738 5088

Dunc Gray Velodrome, located at the Crest in Bankstown, is a permanent legacy of the Sydney Games for the sport of cycling and serves as a multi-purpose sport and recreational venue for the community of Sydney's south-west.

To capture the atmosphere of world-class cycling Bankstown Sports Club constructed the Handle Bar: A modern tavern with all the facilities you would expect on site at the Velodrome. The Tavern is open seven days a week with Forks Bistro serving Lunch and Dinner.

The Dunc Gray Velodrome is located at Bass Hill approximately 5 kilometers south of Bankstown.

Many local, state, national and international cycling events are held at the velodrome each year. It also serves as a sport and recreational venue for the south western Sydney community.

Meeting and conference rooms available with catering options, laptop compatible plasma TV, dvd player, white board, mic and more - see Velodrome website above, for more information.